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SAPIO (SAPIO Produzione Idrogeno Ossigeno Srl) is one of the largest Italian producers of hydrogen, has its production facility in Mantova and remotely controls the hydrogen production of other plants across Italy. SAPIO performs 3000+ H2 deliveries/year by truck all over Italy, operates 15+ km of H2 pipelines and manages H2 production plants for specific industries. SAPIO is active on the national territory with many initiatives, concerning: import of green ammonia for the H2 sector; development of hydrogen valleys in different locations in Italy (Mantova, Marghera, Tuscany and Sicily), with hydrogen production plants powered by local renewable energy; implementation of hydrogen distribution systems with hydrogen pipelines to local hard-to-abate industries and mobility applications, and with high pressure tube trailers (equal or above 500 barg) to innovative hydrogen refuelling stations.

In Mantova they currently produce about 1.000 t/year of blue hydrogen (from steam methane reforming with a carbon capture system) and will be sided by a new modular PEM electrolyser for a total of 10 MW (5+5 MW), aiming at producing ca. 1.500 t/year of green hydrogen. SAPIO will be mostly engaged with tasks related to production, storage and distribution of hydrogen, including pipelines and Hydrogen Refuelling Stations (HRS). They’ll also focus on new ways of distributing hydrogen with containerised transportable high-pressure storage solutions applicable for several end-uses (buildings, off-grid applications, ships, trucks and trains). They’ll also study the realisation of the HRSs for the tri-modal system at Valdaro Port.

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