HyMantoValley - Hydrogen Valley Mantova

WP3 – Distribution and Usage

The work package main objective is managing activities and investments linked to hydrogen distribution and usage.

About distribution, the project concerns:

    • Pipeline connecting the production plant to an HRS next to SAPIO’s facility for road mobility
    • Innovative transportable high-pressure storage solutions

About the H2-to-Mobility usage:

    • Vessels: zero-emission waterborne transport by refitting and demonstrating a commercially operated hydrogen fuel cell vessel
    • Trains: zero-emission railway transport by optimal architecture for a shunting locomotive with the final design of the Hydrogen Power Pack to be integrated in compliance with European regulations
    • Buses: zero-emission public transport by demonstrating six commercially operated hydrogen fuel cell buses
    • HRSs for tri-modal transport system at Valdaro Port: study, engineering and permitting activities
    • Demonstration of fuel cell vehicles developed during the project refuelled by mobile HRSs testing two different technologies

About the H2-to-Power usage:

    • Facilities heating/cooling
    • Off-grid applications: piloting power supply to off-grid end users
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