HyMantoValley - Hydrogen Valley Mantova

WP7 – H2 Ecosystem: Communication and Dissemination

To foster and disseminate cross-border solutions of producing, storing, distributing, and using hydrogen efficiently, this WP combines the internal and external communication channels building upon the multi-actor approach systematically developed in WP2 and 3.

It will actively match with other relevant stakeholders and actors of the value chain, involving the industry, EU Regions, EU bodies, academia, research institutions and the users. This will facilitate the project partners to properly tune their results and deliverables to the needs of internal and external parties. The WP will act as the gateway for communication and will ensure the effective networking of all actors in the value chain at each EU Region’s level.

The WP activities include:

    • Analysis of the state of play, stakeholder mapping and workplan
    • Co-organise and manage the H2 Ecosystem
    • Improve the use of project’s data and results outside the local hydrogen valley
    • Foster and ensure the uptake of results during and beyond project duration
    • Develop the exploitation plan consolidating EU added value of the project, including a market Readiness assessment.
    • Dissemination, Communication, and Exploitation
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